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Illinois state line WSW of Belshaw

← 80.98 miles →

US 20/US 31 West of South Bend

Cities Served:

Lowell, Hebron, Valparaiso, Westville, LaPorte

About Ind 2:

This road has had an interesting history dating from before the renumbering of 1926.

In the early twenties, it actually ran over the Lincoln Highway all the way across, but by 1925 it had been moved to run over what would become US 30. With the commissioning of the US numbering system, it was again renumbered over the Old Lincoln Highway between Fort Wayne and Valparaiso, then continued southwest (over what I'm guessing is the old Sauk Trail, more or less) to Illinois. With the commissioning of US 33, it was shortened to the route between South Bend and Illinois.

Western Endpoint: Illinois State Line west of Belshaw

This is The beginning point of Indiana 2 at the Illinois State Line.

photo by Don Hargraves; up August 6, 2003

Here is where Indiana 2 ends at the state line. The road continues as Illinois 17.

photo by Don Hargraves; up August 6, 2003

Eastern Terminii:

Present Terminus: Western Avenue and US 20/31, South Bend

This is looking west down Western Avenue towards US 20/31. Indiana 2 starts at the underpass.

photo by Tom Weinkauf; up April 22, 2003

Recent Terminus: South Bend

IN-2 came into SB on Western Ave. In the late 70's and 80's it turned south at Chapin St. and ended here at IN-23 (Sample St.).

photo by Tom Weinkauf; up April 22, 2003

Historic Terminus: Fort Wayne

This Eastern Terminus of Indiana 2 has not been photographed for this site. Any and all photos are welcome, along with discriptions.

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