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US 40 East of Terre Haute

← 153.67 miles →

US 52 near West Harrison

Cities Served:

Spencer, Bloomington, Nashville, Columbus, Greensburg

About Ind 46:

This is the first state road south of Indianapolis to make it across the state.

Western Terminus: US-40 East of Terre Haute

A good shot of the western ending point of Indiana 46.

photo by Tom Weinkauf, up October 30, 2003

Eastern Endpoint: US-52 east of West Hamilton, IN

This is the scene approaching towards the bridge. The signs demarking the end of Indiana 46 are visible as a glint underneathe the bridge overstructure.

photo by Andrew Smith, up Feb 12, 2003

Between the bridge and the intersection, this view shows a few other signs on the way.

photo by Andrew Smith, up Feb 12, 2003

Signage at terminus point. Note the thin line to the right of the signs: it's actually a pair of signs, one of them pointing directly at us to Indiana 46.

photo by Andrew Smith, up Feb 12, 2003

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