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US 231 east of I-65 exit 247

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Indiana toll road Exit 15

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About Ind 53:

This road originally went down all the way to Montmorenci unti US 231 was commissioned thorugh Indiana in 1954.

Southern Terminus: US 231 near I-65 Exit

The Southern terminus of Indiana 53 has not been photographed for this site. Any and all photos are welcome, along with discriptions.

Northern Terminus: Indiana Toll Road Exit 15

The starting point of US 53. You're looking right at the viaduct for Interstate 90/Indiana Toll Road, and at the first SPUI interchage in Indiana (although this shot doesn't give any detail of this).

photo by Don Hargraves; up April 22, 2003

A closeup of the "BEGIN 53" signage at the South Shore viaduct.

photo by Chris Marysz; up April 3, 2003

A view of the final quarter mile of Indiana 53. Notice the South Shore train going overhead; after that you have the Toll Road, CSX (originally Baltimore and Ohio), Norfolk Southern (originally New York Central, more recently Penn Central and Conrail) and the Elgin Joliet and Eastern lines before you run into the USX steel plant gate.

photo by Chris Marysz; up April 3, 2003

Eastbound on the toll road at the Broadway/Indiana 53 exit. Notice the "No Trucks to U S S" notice; the truck entrance to the Gary USX mills is at the Clark Street interchange a mile or so west of this one.

photo by Chris Patriarca; up August 24, 2003

A reminder of a long-gone era: The New York Central Gary Station, slowly falling apart. While this would still make a nice station once rehabbed, its location (NS Tracks to the left, CSX tracks to the right) marks this station as an almost impossible location in this age of the automobile -- even smaller busses would find access here hard. The dark lettering on the lower portion of the right pillar says "No Parking, Taxis Only."

photo by Don Hargraves; up April 22, 2003

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