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Northwest of Stillwell, IN

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Walkertown, IN

Cities Served:

Walkerton, Stillwell

About Ind 104:

This road is a short cut for travelers between LaPorte (and Michigan City) and points east on US 6 (Nappanee, Kendallville). It connects with the east stretch of Ind 4.

Western Terminus: Northwest of Stillwell

This is the view looking down Indiana 104 at its western terminus. Indiana turns left here and continues to US 31.

photo by Tom Weinkauf, up April 3, 2003

View of the signage and some of the scenery at the western terminus of Indiana 104. Heading straight on Indiana 4 will take you to La Porte.

photo by Tom Weinkauf, up April 3, 2003

Eastern Terminus: Walkerton

View of the east endpoint of Indiana at Walkerton.

photo by Chris Marysz, up Feb 23, 2003

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