Ind 117

Historic Indiana 118

Ind 119

Indiana 3 southeast of Warren

← 30.02 miles →

Ohio State Line East of Berne

Cities Served:

Mount Zion, Poneto, Berne

About Ind 218:

What is now a portion of Indiana 218 was once given its own identity, separated from the other road by what was the southernmost stretch of Indiana 5. By 1965, the folks at INDOT decided to give the two roads the same identity; the decertification of Indiana 221 and resigning of a portion as Indiana 5 would come later.

Western Terminus: Indiana 3 southeast of Warren

The western terminus of Indiana 118 has not been photographed for this site. Any and all photos are welcome, along with discriptions.

Eastern Endpoint: Ohio State Line East of Berne

Looking down what was once Indiana 118 (now Indiana 218) as it turns into Ohio 707.

photo by James Schul; posted December 1, 2003

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