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About Ind 216:

At one time there was a system of roads around a state park known as the Bluffton Camp. Amazingly, three different roads around the camp were state roads!

Below are a couple of maps showing the roads and trying to label them. While the maps are incomplete because of the detail needed, taken together (and assuming there wasn't any changes in the meantime) they show how the roads were labeled:

Rand McNally Atlas map of the Bluffton Camp Area, 1951. Bluffton is the slightly concave box on the left, the camp is symbolized by a red box and italicized, capitalized red letters.


Mobil map of the Ouabache Camp Area, 1973. Same camp, different name, location slightly off due to space reasons.

Combining the two above maps, you get this:

My impression of what the roads around Camp Bluffton looked like from 1950 to 1975.

Indiana 216 went just north of the camp, and probably had an entrance of its own.

The area road system has gone through some major changes since then. Both 216 and 316 have been decommissioned, and it appears that the road that was Indiana 216 may have been cut in the middle.

Western Terminus: Indiana 201 (former Indiana 316)

View of the historical west endpoint of ind 216 at 316. the road is now known as Indiana 201

photo by James Schul; up May 8, 2003

Eastern Terminus: Indiana 301 north of Vera Cruz.

View at the former endpoint of Indiana 216. The crossroad is still signed as Indiana 301.

photo by James Schul; up May 8, 2003

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