Ind 246

Indiana 249

Ind 250

US 20 South of I-94 Exit 19

< about 1 mile >

Entrance to the Port of Indiana

Cities Served:

Port of Indiana (not a city, but a specific place)

About Ind 249:

249 is a rather recent addition meant to serve the Port of Indiana from US 12, US 20 and Interstate 94.

Southern Terminus: US 20 South of I-94 exit 19

This is the signage near the south endpoint of Indiana 249. Note the Denny's nearby.
Photo by Stephen Summers, up March 3, 2003.

Northern Terminus: Port of Indiana Entrance

The map showing where the photos below were taken.
The above scan, along with the photos below, were taken by Stephen Summers and put up March.

After the bridge over US-12 and the railroad
(location one)

On the northbound offramp to US-12
(location two)

At US 12, where the northbound offramp ends
(location three)

Ind 246


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Ind 250

2003, Indiana Highway Ends
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