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Indiana 312

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Illinois Border in Hammond

< about 5 miles >

Gary, Indiana

City Served:

East Chicago

About Ind 312:

This road branches off US 12 in Gary and goes straight across until Sheffield Avenue, when it turns north for a few blocks. It then turns west again at Gostlin and makes a 45 degree right turn at the Illinois Border.

There's a plan floating around that would place Indiana 312 on a bridge from east of Calumet Avenue into Illinois. Such a plan would give the surrounding neighborhood a different look (and make the South Shore station there again dangerous, I'm guessing); but with the economics the way they are now I doubt such a plan would make it past the drawing board.

Western Terminus:
Gostlin Road at the Illinois Border, Hammond

Looking down Gostlin road as it enters Indiana and turns to align itself with the street grid. Indiana 312 actually turns right one street ahead, crosses two sets of tracks, and then turns left onto Chicago Road, where it goes down for the remainder of its routing.

photo by Don Hargraves; up April 22, 2003

View on Brainard Road into Illinois. This is not a state road, however it is an almost direct route to a Ford Plant, and I-94 beyond it. The South Shore railroad runs next to this road; it uses overhead electric powering (which explains the repeating structures to the left of the road).

photo by Don Hargraves; up April 22, 2003

Eastern Terminus: Chicago Road at US 12, Gary.

View on eastbound US 12 at the sign pointing to westbound Indiana 312.

photo by Stephen Summers, up March 6, 2003

Ind 311


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