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Indiana 420 was the original name for the Tri-State expressway in Indiana, and was planned to act as a branch of US 20 starting in present-day Portage. It held onto this name a few years after the interstate system made it obsolete.

Western Endpoint: Illinois State Line, Northernmost Munster

This is looking eastward at the starting point for Indiana 420 US 6, Interstate 80 and Interstate 94 go through here as well, as Interstate 90 and Interstate 294 once did.
Photo by Don Hargraves, up April 4, 2003.

Here Indiana 420 ended. The expressway itself continued, although I'm not sure what the numbering in Illinois was planned to be before the Interstate Highway Act.
Photo by Don Hargraves, up April 4, 2003.

Final Eastern Terminus: Broadway Blvd, Gary

The eastern terminus for Indiana 420 has not been photographed for this site. Any and all photos are welcome, along with discriptions.

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2003, Indiana Highway Ends
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