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Ridge Road, Highland

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I-90 near US-41, Hammond

Cities Served:

Gary, East Chicago

About Ind 912:

Another strange bird of a route, and Indiana is probably happy that it never got the I-294 moniker the state had asked for in 1970. All expressway except for the portion south of I-94; the signage is spotty (better off the road than on), the interchanges almost bizarre and the scenery is an ugly mix of rusting old steel plants, petroleum storage structures and low-rise projects that are as bad as they look. The scenery south of US 12 can almost be considered worth looking at IF you're willing to overlook the random industrial and post-industrial buildings along the route.

Before the expressway portion was built, Indiana 912 originally went up Guthrie Street from Cline Avenue, then jogged over to Dickey Road before going down 129th to US 41. That route would put people through the worst part of Indiana Harbor, the middle of a largely unused steel complex, and past a small, tightly packed settlement called Marketown before sending them through Amoco oilfields and what can best be considered a brownfield (although I have no idea what would have been there beforehand, as it's almost halfway between Robertsville and Hammond, and there's no sign of settlement anywhere nearby).

Southern Terminus: Ridge Road, Highland

Here starts Indiana 912 on its odd journey. This part is a divided highway with a couple of intersections; the interchange past the barely visible green sign in the distance was rebuilt in the early 2000's to make getting on 80/94 easier and make expanding 80/94 into a bigger mess (four lanes each way) possible.

photo by Don Hargraves; up August 19, 2003

Northern Terminii

Historic Northern Terminus: 129th street at US 41

The historic northern terminus of Indiana 912 has not been photographed for this site. Any and all photos are welcome, along with discriptions.

Present Northern Terminus: I-90 near US-41, Hammond

In sending me this picture, Stephen asked if Indiana 912 had been decommissioned, mainly because the sign after this had lost its Indiana 912 shield. I reassured him the road was still commissioned after a ride up and down the road, though I had to admit I could see why one would think this road was no longer part of the Indiana system.

photo by Stephen Summers, up August 19, 2003

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