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Saint Johns
US 20, Hammond
US 20, Hammond

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Lebannon, La Fayette, Rensselear, Crown Point

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About US 152:

US 152 was a strange road, even by Indiana standards. It spent a major portion of its route co-signed with US 52, choosing to bypass Frankfort instead of going out of its way a few miles to serve it. While it seems to have been intended as the Indianapolis-Chicago route, it never entered into Chicago itself, choosing instead to stay fully within the state of Indiana; and it was decertified after four years on the map. In the end, its main effect would seem to be anywhere from one to three bridges on Indianapolis Boulevard between US 30 and US 20; all built with major structural framework above the roadway.

About Ind 152:

Indiana 152 is a short route which serves as a connector between US 41 and US 20. in Hammond. It is entirely possible that this route was numbered this way before US 152 was decertified.


If there are any pictures shot in Indiana with the old US 152 sign on them, Scan and send them and I will post them NO MATTER WHERE THEY WERE TAKEN.

Southern Termini

Southern Terminus for US 152:
West Street and Washington Street, Indianapolis

The southern terminus of historic US 152 has not been photographed for this site. Any and all photos are welcome, along with discriptions.

Historical Southern Terminus for Indiana 152:
Ridge Road and Indianapolis Boulevard, Highland

This set of overhead signs is actually quite confused. My guess is that the rack was originally put up before I-80/94 was completed and that the rack directed people to the following roads (from left to right): South US 41 (sign up), Business US 6 (The signs that now appear to say "North Indiana 152; look at the second picture and you'll see the word "Business" where "North" has sort of faded), North 41 and North Indiana 152 (the missing sign).
Photos by Don Hargraves; up March 16, 2003.

Present southern terminus for Indiana 152:
Indianapolis Boulevard at I-80/94 Exit 2, Hammond

Here's a view of road as you come upon the "BEGIN Indiana 152" Signage.
Photo by Don Hargraves; up August 19, 2003.

Here's an interesting closeup -- "BEGIN Indiana 152" signage coupled with "End Detour Indiana 152" signage. My guess was this was put up when the interchange shown below was being reconstructed; as such one would need to detour from another exit to meet up with the start of Indiana 152, hence the signage.
Photo by Stephen Summers; up March 9, 2003.

Here's a view of the present endpoint for US 152 at the Indianapolis Road interchange with I-80/94. Go straight down this road, and you'll find yourself on US 41.
Photo by Don Hargraves; up August 19, 2003.

Northern Termini

1934-36 northern terminus for US 152/present terminus for Ind 152:
Indianapolis Blvd at Michigan Road, Hammond

Here's a view of the signage (and some of the bridge to the south) of the northern terminus for Indiana 152. This shot is taken before the intersection, and is the first signing of Indiana 152.
Photo by Stephen Summers; up March 28, 2003.

Here's a shot slightly ahead of the above picture. It's a daytime view of the beginning part of Indiana 152, up to the bridge over the railroad tracks.
Photo by Don Hargraves; up March 29, 2003.

Here's a shot of the endpoint of Indiana 152. The light gray bridge going over the roadway of US 20 is the South Shore Line (look for the South Shore commuter train stopped on the viaduct), just north of that is the Indiana Toll Road.
Photo by Don Hargraves; up August 19, 2003.

1937 northern terminus for US 152: US 41, south of Saint Johns

This is looking eastbound at the historical starting point for US 152.
Photo by Don Hargraves; up August 3, 2003.

This is looking westward at the intersection of US 231 and US 41. This is now the terminus for US 231.
Photo by Don Hargraves; up August 3, 2003.

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