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Illinois Line at Hammond/old Roby

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Ohio State Line NE of Metz

Cities Served:

Hammond, Gary, Michigan City, South Bend, Elkhart, LaGrange, Angola.

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US 20 Endpoints

US 20 in Ohio

About US 20:

This road runs across the top of the state, and is roughly paralleled by the Indiana Toll Road. Like many other routes in Indiana it bypasses many of the major cities it used to pass through, it as its own expressway to the south of Elkhart and South Bend.

When the US system was first planned, it was cosigned with US 12 from Michigan City all the way into Chicago. In one of its US Route based projects, US 12 was placed on its own routing from southwest of Michigan City to just east of Gary.

Western Entrypoint: Illinois Line at Hammond/old Roby

This is looking westbound down US 20 (along with US 12 and US 41) as it enters into Indiana from Illinois. US 20 and US 12 are either cosigned or within one mile of each other from here to just west of Michigan City, then US 20 heads across the northern teir of counties in Indiana and Ohio on its way to Buffalo and Boston.
Photo by Stephen Summers; up March 3, 2003.

This is looking northeast along US 20 (along with US 12 and US 41) into Chicago. US 20 goes around Chicago cosigned with US 12, then heads west to Rockford and Galena.
Photo by Don Hargraves; up April 10, 2003.

Eastern Entrypoint: Ohio State Line NE of Metz

This is where US 20 enters into Indiana from Ohio. The green and white sign on the right says "Entering Stuben County Soil and Water Conservation District," after that comes the usual set of signs you see upon entering a new state.
Photo by Don Hargraves; up March 13, 2003.

One half mile down from the above paragraph, you see this scene. The road over US 20 is the Indiana Toll Road, and its bridges are set up so that Indiana can add on a couple more lanes to the right for when they make this a divided highway. This is actually the norm for Interstate bridges built over US routes; this sort of setup can also be seen on US 231 at I-65 exit 247 and at US 35 at I-69 exit 59.
Photo by Don Hargraves; up March 13, 2003.

This is US 20 exiting Indiana into Ohio.
Photo by Don Hargraves; up March 13, 2003.

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