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Illinois State Line west of Terre Haute

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Ohio State Line east of Richmond

Cities Served:

Bristol, Putnamville, Stilesville, Plainfield, Indianapolis, Greenfield, Ogden, Dublin

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About US 40:

This is the original National Road, one of the first federally funded travel routes west of the Alleghanies. Given the number "3" by the state of Indiana before the creation of the "US" road signing system, this road has since been bypassed by Interstate 70. Still, it's considered important enough that it's been built as 4 lane divided outside the cities on its route.

Western Entrypoint: Illinois State Line west of Terre Haute

The western entrypoint of US Route 40 has not been photographed for this site. Any and all photos are welcome, along with discriptions.

Eastern Entrypoint: Ohio State Line east of Richmond.

US 40 as it comes into Indiana from Ohio. All the development occurs on the Indiana side, once you get into Ohio US 40 is very rural and, at some points, scenic.
Photo by James Schul; up August 6, 2003.

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