Former Interstate 294

US 6

Illinois State Line, Northernmost Munster

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Broadway Blvd, Gary

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About I-294:

When the Interstate system was first planned and being built, I-94 originally went up the Tollway west of what is now Exit 21 and I-90 originally went along with I-80 down the Borman to what is now the Bishop Ford, where it turned north to go to Chicago. So that I-294 would act as a loop instead of a spur, it was extended down the Borman with I-80 and I-90, thereby making for the first tri-signed interstate routing.

In 1964 I-90 and I-94 traded places, making I-294 unnecessary. I-294 was cut back to its present southern terminus.

Later on, Indiana tried to extend I-294 down I-80/94 to what is now Indiana 912, then up and around that highway to where it meets up with I-90 near US 41 in North Hammond. That idea was denied; I think Indiana should have asked for I-480, I-490 or I-494 -- anything other than a mere extension of I-294 from Illinois.

Western Entrypoint: Illinois State Line, Northernmost Munster

Here is where Interstate 294 once entered into Indiana with I-80, I-90, US 6 and Indiana 420.
Photo by Don Hargraves, up April 17, 2003.

Here Interstate 294 continued into Illinois. About a mile and a half west of here is the present-day southern terminus for I-294.
Photo by Don Hargraves, up April 17, 2003.

Final Eastern Terminus: Broadway Blvd, Gary

The point where the Expressway ended when I-294 was last signed in Indiana has not been pictured. Any and all pictures will be accepted, along with any information.


I-294 in Illinois (AAroads)



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2003, Indiana Highway Ends
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