Interstate 465


I-65 Exit 106 (Exit 53)

← 57.51 miles →

I-65 Exit 123 (Exit 20)

Cities Served:

Indianapolis, Speedway, Lawrence, Beech Grove

About I-465:

I-465 runs around the city of Indianapolis is a full circle. It's either three to four lanes each direction, and it serves as both the detour for construction around town and the route for through hazardous materials.

For many years, there was a branch off the main circle that was also labeled I-465. That was an original part of the interstate; the part that ran between exits 20 and 25 was first known as Indiana 100. Thirty-two years passed before the situation was fixed (in the form of I-865 across the top).

Zero Point Interchange: I-65 Exit 106 (Exit 53)

This is heading north on I-65 at the ramp to 465/74.

photo by Chris Patriarca; up August 4, 2003

Northern Crosspoint (former central terminus):
I-65 Exit 123 (Exit 20)

This is the point where the ramp to SB 465 starts. The ramp takes you to the Indianapolis Airport and around downtown; I-65 takes you to and (usually) through downtown. The exit only goes to southbound 465; for northbound 465 you had to take I-865 a few miles north.

left photo by Don Hargraves; up June 1, 2003
right photo by Chris Patriarca; up June 1, 2003

This is heading north on I-65 at the ramp to northbound 465.

photo by Chris Patriarca; up August 4, 2003

Former Northern Terminus: I-65 Exit 129.

This is shown on the Interstate 865 page.


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