Interstate 865


I-465 Exit 25

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I-65 exit 129

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About I-865:

I-865 was an original portion of I-465. Its unusual status as a spur with the same number as the loop it came from occurred in 1970, when Indiana changed what was then Indiana 100 to Interstate 465. It was only in May of 2002 that this spur was given its own number.

Western Terminus: I-65 Exit 129.

This is where I-865 branches off I-65 to meet up with I-465. The first picture is of the branch-off itself, the second of the exit sign at the gore point. Notice the blue "I-865 0.2 mile" sign near the exit signage.

photos by Chris Patriarca; up June 1, 2003

Eastern Terminus: I-465 exit 25.

This is looking eastward down "outer" I-465 at the point where I-865 begins. Despite the space for two lanes for traffic going straight there's only one lane allowed. Because the way the expressway numbers are, the straightway is the exit, the route to the right the "Main Line."

photo by Froggie; up March 29, 2003

A photo near the split point for traffic coming off "inner" I-465. A more normal exit, with the traffic coming off the main expressway (I-465) slowing down for the ramp onto I-865

photo by Don Hargraves; up June 1, 2003


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