Interstate 69


I-465, Exit 27

← 157.30 miles →

Michigan State Line northeast of Jamestown

Cities Served:

Angola, Auburn, Fort Wayne, Gas City, Anderson

About I-69:

I-69 was originally planned to run from just east of Indianapolis (meeting with Interstate 70) to the toll road near the Indiana-Ohio Border. Indiana and Michigan agreed to a shifting of the northernmost portion of I-69 to its present position (removing a planned I-67 from between Kalamazoo and Elkhart for the mileage); then the southern portion of I-69 was shifted to make a run into downtown Indianapolis, ending at I-70 southwest of Downtown.

I-69 never made it downtown, instead ending at I-465 in Northeast Indianapolis. I-165 was floated as a connector between I-69 and I-65/70 (to save money on moving/making signs), but that died out as well.

Indianapolis is trying to push an expressway link between itself to Evansville. This future route would be labeled I-69; the federal government has plans to expand I-69 all the way down to the Texas-Mexico border. That will never happen if the I-35 coalition has anything to say about that, but I can see the route making it to Memphis if the portion beween Indianapolis and Evansville ever gets completed.

Southern Terminus: I-465 exit 37.

This is looking eastward down "outer" I-465 looking near the point where I-69 starts.

photo by Froggie; up March 29, 2003

Northern Entrypoint: Michigan State line northeast of Jamestown.

This is looking up northbound I-69 as it enters into Michigan. There's another "Welcome to Michigan" sign about a quarter mile up.

photo by Don Hargraves; up May 13, 2003


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