Interstate 65


Ohio River at Jeffersonville

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US 20/US 12, Gary

Cities Served:

Sellersburg, Scottsburg, Seymour, Columbus, Indianapolis, Lebanon, Lafayette, Renssalaer, Crown Point

About I-65:

I-65 is pretty much the main Highway in Indiana, connecting three of the five biggest urban areas in Indiana together. The southern portion goes along US 31, while the northern portion serves the same purpose US 152 was intended for -- an Indianapolis-to-Chicago route.

Originally, I-65 ended at the Indiana Toll Road (I-90). The cry of thousands of steelworkers having to work their way around the roads of Gary combined with the abandonment of a railroad line that ran just north of the I-65/I-90 interchange allowed for an extension of the road to US 12/US 20; with a light placed at a steel plant entrance. In 2003, a reconstruction of the I-65/I-90/US 12/US 20 interchange removed the light from this portion of the interstate.

Southern Entrypoint: Ohio River at Jeffersonville

Here is I-65 north of the Ohio River, where the "Welcome to Indiana" sign is placed.

photo by Tom Weinkauf; up June 18, 2003

On the bridge heading over to Kentucky, here is the welcome sign. From here, the road goes on to Nashville, Birmingham, Montgomery and Mobile.

photo by Chris Patriarca; up June 18, 2003

A view of the bridge that carries I-65 over the Ohio River.

photo by Tom Weinkauf; up June 18, 2003

Northern Terminus: US 20/US 12, Gary.

Here you see the "End I-65 sign before the ramp to I-90. The left picture shows an older view, the right picture shows the present view while the interchange is being worked on.

left photo by Stephen Summers; up June 18, 2003
right photo by Dan Ganell; up June 19, 2003

Here is the I-65 ramp as it approaches US 12/US 20.

photo by Stephen Summers; up June 18, 2003


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