Interstate 94


Illinois State Line, Northernmost Munster

← 45.75 miles →

Michigan State Line, near Michiana Shores

Cities Served:

Hammond, Highland, Gary, Portage, Michigan City

About I-94:

I-94 runs along the Lake Michigan Lakeshore on its way to Chicago, and is cosigned with I-80 and US 6 for the last fifteen miles of its routing into Illinois. It is a free route (unlike I-90), which makes it handle much more traffic than it would otherwise.

Western Entrypoint: Illinois State Line, Northernmost Munster

The view on I-94 and I-80 coming into Indiana from Illinois. These two roads are duplexed with US 6 until Riley Road and the Tollway Interchange, I-94 continues on this expressway into Michigan.
Photo by Don Hargraves; up April 4, 2003.

The view on I-94 and I-80 entering into Illinois from Indiana. Two miles away I-80 and I-94 break apart; I-94 goes north into Chicago and Milwaukee before heading west again.
Photo by Don Hargraves; up April 4, 2003.

Eastern Entrypoint: Michigan State Line near Michiana Shores.

The view as I-94 enters into Michigan. From here I-94 passes near a number of medium-sized cities before going through the Detroit area and finally ending at the Canada/US border north of Port Huron.
Photo by Tom Weinkauf; up September 10, 2003.


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