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Indiana Pages:

Indiana Department of Transportation Official Site

Indiana Highway Information Center Chris Marysz

Indiana Gallery on Adam Prince

Northwest Indiana Highways Stephen Summers

Routes of South Bend, Elkhart and Northern Indiana Marc Fannin

Surrounding States:


Illinois Department of Transportation Official Site

Illinois Ends Homepage Adam Taylor

Illinois Terminus Gallery Ben Prusia and Brandon Gorte

Illinois Highways Page Rich Carlson


Kentucky Transportation Cabinet Official Site

Kentucky Highways Tim Brown

Kentucky Roads dot com Jeffrey Carlyle


Michigan Department of Transportation Official Site

Michigan State Highways Chris Bessert

Michigan Highway Ends Gallery Dan Garnell


Ohio Department of Transportation Official Site

Ohio Highway Ends Dan Garnell

Unofficial Ohio State Highways Web Site John Simpson

Ohio Gallery on Adam Prince

State Picture Pages: -- a central page for the Northeastern United States pages.

Alabama State Highway Endings Adam Froehlig

Connecticut State Route Ends Doug Kerr

Delaware State Ends Alex Nitzman

Florida End Photos Dan Moraseski

Northwest Florida State Ends Alex Nitzman

Iowa Highway Ends Jeff Morrison and Neil Bratney

Kansas Endpoint Gallery Richie Kennedy

Kansas Terminus Gallery Ben Prusia

Maryland Route Ends Brian Polidoro

Maine Highway Termini J.P. Kirby

Cecil County, Maryland Ends Gallery Alex Nitzman

Minnesota State Highway Endings Adam Froehlig

Mississippi State Highway Endings Adam Froehlig

Missouri Terminus Gallery Ben Prusia

Nebraska Termini Jesse Whidden

Nevada Highways @ AARoads Alex Nitzman and Andy Field

New Hampshire State Highway Ends Mike Moroney

New York State Highway Termini Doug Kerr

New Jersey Highway Ends Chris Mason

North Carolina State Highway Begins/Ends Adam Prince

Oklahoma State Highway Terminus Gallery Eric Stuve

The King's Highway End Site (Ontario) Earl Washburn

Pennsylvania Highway Beginnings and Endings Adam Prince

Quebec Terminus Index Dan "SPUI" Moraseski

Rhode Island Terminus Index Eric Stuve

Vermont State Highway Termini Chris Jordan and Doug Kerr

Virginia State Highway Endings Adam Froehlig

West Virginia Highway Ends Adam Prince

Wyoming Highways @ AARoads Alex Nitzman and Andy Field

National Pages:

With Pictures:

AA Roads Interstate Guide Alex Nitzman, Andy Field and Doug Kerr

US Highway Ends Dale Sanderson

US Highway Endings by Adam Froehlig

Without Pictures (information only):

IHOZ list of Mainline Interstates David "ZZYZX" Steinberg

3-digit Interstate Routes "Kurumi"

US Highways Robert V Droz

Other Pages:

Great Lakes Highway Pages Firstname Kendrick

Shields Up Firstname Kendrick

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