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Ridge Road, Gary

Cities Served:

Attica, Fowler, Mount Ayr, Crown Point

About Ind 55:

This is a decently sized road reaching from near Crawfordsville (where it once ended) to northwestern Indiana. While the ending point seems strange, it's not the only road that ends at a county road in Lake County.

Southern Terminus: Wingate

The Southern terminus of Indiana 55 has not been photographed for this site. Any and all photos are welcome, along with discriptions.

Northern Terminus: Ridge Road, Gary

Signage and scenery at the starting point of Indiana 55. While a part of Gary this area has a pre-suburbia development feel, as if the people moving here moved in before Mr. Levitt came up with the idea of carving the landscape into hundreds roads and packing houses on them (that type of scenery develops later, though not uniformly).

photo by Don Hargraves, up December 1, 2003

A view of the northern terminus of Indiana 55. Intriguingly, there's signage pointing to "Business US 6," signage which presently only exists in Gary (although a picture exists that shows the designation once went all the way to Munster).

photo by Don Hargraves, up December 1, 2003

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