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Exit 107, Indiana Toll Road; I-80/I-90

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Michigan State Border

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US 131 Endpoints
US 131 In Michigan

About US 131:

US 131 has always been a parenthetical road in Indiana, when it has been in Indiana. In the fifties (and maybe before) it actually extended into Bristol, but in 1960 it was cut back to White Pigeon, Michigan. In 1980, it was finally re-extended into Indiana and to the interchange with the Toll Road.

Southern Terminus: Exit 107, Indiana Toll Road/I-80/90

This is looking south at the point where US 131 meets with Indiana 13. US 131 was once cosigned with Indiana 13 during it's less-than-mile trek through Indiana, but now Indiana 13 starts where US 131 ends. the Tollway is to the right it runs under Indiana 13.
Photo by Tom Weinkauf; up Feb 23, 2003.

This is looking north where Indiana 13 turns into US 131.
Photo by Barry Camp; up May 13, 2003.

Northern Entrypoinnt: Michigan State Line just north of the toll road exit 107

This is heading south, right at the Indiana/Michigan border.
Photo by Barry Camp; up May 13, 2003.

This is the "Welcome to Indiana" signage about a quarter mile south of the state line. The southern end of US 131 is MAYBE a half mile down, you can sorta see a rise in the road where it goes over the Tollway.
Photo by Barry Camp; up May 13, 2003.

This is looking north from where US 131 runs into Michigan. In the middle of the picture is the first reassurance shielf for US 131 into Michigan, the wooden post on the right side of the picture is part of the "Welcome To Michigan" sign.
Photo by Barry Camp; up May 13, 2003.

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