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Ohio Line southwest of Pleasant Mills

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US 20 just outside Dunlap

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Decatur, Fort Wayne, Wolf Lake, Goshen

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US 33 Endpoints

About US 33:

US 33 goes generally northwest-southeast in its trip through Indiana, although its numbering is of a north-south route. Originally it ran through to St. Joseph, Michigan (and even a bit beyond) cosigned with US 31, then as US 31 was transfered to expressway routes US 33 stayed signed over the original street routing. In 1998 it was truncated to Dunlap, on the outskirts of the Elkhart area.

Southeast Entry point: Ohio State Line southwest of Pleasant Mills

Here's two pictures looking down US 33 as it enters into Indiana. The main picture shows the scene as it enters into Indiana, the inset picture shows the first reassurance shield for US 33 in Indiana.

Photos by James Schul; up July 10, 2003.

The view looking down US 33 as it exits Indiana for Ohio. The state line is where the pavement changes color.

Photo by James Schul; up July 10, 2003.

Northwest Terminus/Entrypoint:

Present Terminus: US 20 just outside Dunlap

This is looking up Main Street just northwest of Downtown Dunlap. Beyond the grassy area of the picture is a set of Railroad tracks, then C.R. 45.

Photo by Tom Weinkauf; up Feb 28, 2003.

Same endpoint, only a different view, starting from near the US-20 overpass. Notice the second "end 33" sign off to the distance, a little hard to read but definitely there.

Photos by Daniel Garnell; up March 6, 2003.

Back in the early twenties, C.R. 45 southeast of Elkhart was also known as Lincoln Highway. This is a copy of a postcard showing the old iron bridge (now long replaced) crossing the Yellow River under what could be considered heavy traffic conditions at that time. Notice the handmade signs to the right bottom of the picture.
Photo by Auburn Postcard Manufacturing, 192?;
reprinted by The Elkhart Truth 1997,
sent by Tom Weinkauf Feb 25; 2003.

Historic NW Entrypoint for US 33: Michigan State Line at M51,
North of Roseland.

Present-day signage at the historical entry point for US 33 (and US 31) and present-day endpoint for Indiana 933.
Photo by Tom Weinkauf; up Feb 28, 2003.

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