Ind 930

Indiana 933


Michigan State Line N. of Roseland

< 16.73 miles >

St. Joseph/Elkhart Line, East of Osceola

Cities Served:

South Bend, Mishawaka

About Ind 933:

Indiana 933 serves the routing that US 33 took thorugh Saint Joseph county until 1998, and the north-south stretch also was the routing for US until 1982 when the bypass was completed into Michigan. Its ending at the St. Joseph/Elkhart county line is strange, Indiana 19 west of Elkhart seems more logical.

While the road is more east-west than north-south, it is labeled north-south. While I can understand them wanting to keep the "33" indentification with the numbering, I don't see why they they can't label the east-west portion of 933 as east-west. I can also see Indiana 120 extended through Elkhart and run over the east-west portion of 933. They could even keep the 933 numbering for the north-south portion from South Bend north.

Western ("Northern") Terminus:
Michigan State Line north of Roseland.

View of what would be the signage for the starting point of "Southbound" 933. Plenty of signage, note the present-day style "Welcome to Indiana" sign.

photo by Tom Weinkauf, up Feb 24, 2003

Eastern ("Southern") Terminus: Ash Road (former Ind 219),
St. Joseph/Elkhart county line East of Osceola

Here is a panorama shot of the intersection from the northwest. At the left of the picture is former Ind 219. clockwise is Old US-33, then Ash road continuing across the tracks, and IN-933 on the right.

photo by Tom Weinkauf, up March 16, 2003

First reassurance sign for Indiana 933 heading eastbound. Note that the route is marked "North".

photo by Daniel Garnell, up March 16, 2003

A shot of Ash Road (Old Ind 219) as it comes up to the eastern terminus of Indiana 933.

photo by Tom Weinkauf, up March 16, 2003

First "End 933" sign coming up to the intersection of Ash Road and Lincolnway (old US 33/Ind 933).

photo by Tom Weinkauf, up March 16, 2003

The Second "End 933 sign at the intersection of Ash Road and Lincolnway. Both pictures show a different section of the scenery around the signage.

left photo by Tom Weinkauf, up March 16, 2003
right photo by Daniel Garnell, up March 16, 2003

View of the final "End 933" sign, right after the interchange with Ash Road/Old Ind 219. Note the sign saying "Old US 33 W" underneath the "END Ind 933" sign.

photo by Daniel Garnell, up March 16, 2003

The railroad line that runs along this stretch of Indiana 933 was at one time one of the most important rail lines in the nation, ranking up there with the Tecachapi loop, Donner Pass and the Union Pacific line running west from Chicago through Geneva. This is because the yard that runs alongside the "Old US 33" portion of the road in Elkhart county was the busiest yard in Cornail during that company's latter days. The yard is now owned by Norfolk Southern; and while probably still important surely has taken a hit in importance.

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