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Wabash River northwest of Vincennes

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Ohio State Line northeast of Hardinsburg

Cities Served:

Washington, Shoals, Bedford, Seymour, North Vernon, Versailles, Lawrenceburg

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About US 50:

One of the major cross-country routings when it was commissioned in 1926, it has survived with a higher profile than some other, more major routings by dint of not being linked with an interstate route.

Western Entrypoint: Wabash River northwest of Vincennes

The western entrypoint of US Route 50 has not been photographed for this site. Any and all photos are welcome, along with discriptions.

Eastern Entrypoint: Ohio State Line northeast of Hardinsburg.

This is a view of US 50 as it goes into Ohio. The big sign to the left and center of the picture is aimed at motorists on I-275, which passes by and enters into Indiana slightly south of here.
Photo by James Schul; up August 6, 2003.

Dating back to 1820-23 (not sure of the date on the marker), this survey marker marks the dividing point between Indiana and Ohio. It shows how old this route is, as there would have been enough people driving by here to merit the marking of state separations. It also marks how important it was for people to know where states changed, although it seems to have been placed here more for government and surveyor interest than traveler interest.
Photo by James Schul; up August 6, 2003.

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