Ind 933

Interstate 64


Illinois State Line West of Griffin

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Ohio River at New Albany

Cities Served:

Cynthiana, Dale, Magnolia, Coryden

About I-64:

I-64 Goes across the southern portion of the state, connecting Saint Louis with Charleston (West Virginia) and the Chesapeake Bay mouth area in Virginia. It is the most recent of interstates (relatively speaking), with some parts completed with or after the Downtown Indianapolis sections of I-65 and I-70.

At one time the road was planned to go past Versailles, but a concerted effort by Evansville brought the interstate further south. Still, it took an Interstate Spur (I-164) to give an interstate to Evansville, and a main-line interstate still hasn't made its way to Evansville despite constant efforts by the Indianapolis DOT to do so.

Western Entrypoint: Illinois State Line West of Griffin.

The western entrypoint of Interstate 64 has not been photographed for this site. Any and all photos are welcome, along with discriptions.

Eastern Entrypoint: Ohio River at New Albany.

This is heading west over the Sherman-Minton bridge, the bridge that takes I-64 across the Ohio River between Ohio and Kentucky. This is heading into Indiana. Eastbound I-64 runs underneath.

photo by Chris Patriarca; up June 5, 2003

This is a view of the first exit in Indiana from the Sherman-Minton Bridge.

photo by Chris Patriarca; up June 5, 2003

The approach to the Sherman-Minton bridge from the Indiana approach to the Sherman-Minton bridge. Westbound I-64 is moving into place over eastbound 64 at this point, and will run over Eastbound I-64 over the length of the bridge.

photo by Chris Patriarca; up June 5, 2003


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Ind 933


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