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Michigan State Line east of Clear Lake

Cities Served:

Fremont, Orland, Howe, Bristol

About Ind 120:

This is one of three three-digit roads that shared its number with an Ohio Road (along with Indiana 121 and Historic Indiana 122). This road also was given the same number in Michigan, so at one time it was possible to travel from Elkhart to Toledo on a numbered alternate route that avoided much of the traffic (compared to US 20) and gave the passenger some different scenery along the way.

While that road still runs pretty much uninterrupted, Michigan has since decommissioned its stretch of 120 and applied the number elsewhere in the state. Ohio 120 still runs over the same routing.

There are plans to bend the road south at County Road 17 east of Elkhart to where CR 17 meets up with US 20. This makes sense, since the road presently ends at Middleton Road, far from even an old endpoint of US 20 and as a branch of US 20, it makes sense to have the road meet with the original road.

Western Termini

First Terminus: Middleton Run Road and Business US 20

This is the view of the first western terminus for Indiana 120. It originally turned off Jackson Road at Middleton Road; Indiana 319 went down Jackson Road to Goshen Highway to end at the intersection talked about below.

photo by Tom Weinkauf, up March 31, 2003

1970-99 Terminus: Jackson Road at Goshen Road

View looking down Jackson Road at Goshen. US 20 used to come up via Goshen, and at the intersection up ahead would turn left and go Downtown. This was where Indiana 120 ended after Indiana 319 was decommissioned.

photo by Tom Weinkauf, up March 31, 2003

Present Terminus: Jackson St. and Middleton Run Road, Elkhart City Limits.

IN-120 abruptly ends at the Elkhart City limits on Jackson St. and Middleton Run Road (County Road 13). This signage was posted in 1999 or 2000. There is a plan to truncate Indiana 120 further east at County Road 17, and then route it south on CR 17 to US-20.

photo by Tom Weinkauf, up March 31, 2003

Eastern Terminus:
Michigan State Line, east of Clear Lake.

View of westbound Indiana 120 entering into Indiana. The green sign is the "Indiana State Line" sign, what looks like a slightly darker white splotch on top of a dark line is the first "Indiana 120" sign.

photo by Tom Weinkauf, up Feb 12, 2003

View of eastbound Indiana 120 entering into Michigan. There is no sign of entering specifically into Michigan (although the sign saying "Enter Hillsdale County" is there), nor any sign denoting the end to Indana 120.

photo by Tom Weinkauf, up Feb 12, 2003

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