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Historic Indiana 319

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Goshen and Jackson, Elkhart

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City Served:

Elkhart, Bristol

About Ind 319:

This road, a branch of Indiana 19, served as a connector to Indiana 15 and, through it, US 131 in Michigan. What surprises me is that Indiana, a state that seemed to have no trouble using US routes willy-nilly through the 1930s, weren't able to bring US 131 into Elkhart at some point. It definitely was logical -- more logical than extending 112S or cosigning 152 through half its signed route.

This road predated Indiana 120, and for a while was cosigned with 120 throughout most of its route. When it was finally retired, 120 was signed over the remaining solo portion of its route.

Western Terminus: Jackson Road at Goshen Road, Clinton

View looking down Jackson Road at Goshen. US 20 used to come up via Goshen, and at the intersection up ahead would turn left and go Downtown. Indiana 319 would end at that point.

photo by Tom Weinkauf, up March 31, 2003

Eastern Terminus: Bristol.

View down what was Indiana 319 at its ending point at Indiana 15. The road is now signed as Indiana 120.

photo by Tom Weinkauf, up March 31, 2003

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