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Angola, Indiana

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Indiana 120 near I-69

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About Ind 127:

This road goes over the old US 27 routing before I-69 was built to the west of Angola.

At one time, this route number was given to a one-mile spur from its present route to Pokagon State Park. That route is now known as Indiana 727 (which has a little history of its own).

Southern Terminus: Angola, Indiana

The southern endpoint of Indiana 127 has not been photographed for this site. Any and all photos are welcome, along with discriptions.

Northern Terminus: Ind 120 at I-69.

View looking south on Indiana 127 just south of Indiana 120. The "Indiana 127" sign you see is the first reassurance sign on the road.

photo by Don Hargraves; up April 23, 2003

View of the signage at where Ind 127 intersects with Indiana 120. While the wording isn't clear in this picture, the sign on the left indeed says "End 127.

photo by Michael Swope; up Feb 27, 2003

This is looking east off the road that continues north of Indiana 127 across I-69 1/4 mile north of the northern endpoint of Indiana 127 (and 1/2 mile south of Michigan). Obviously built back when US 27 ran over where I-69 runs now and when I-69 was slated to jump off the Toll Road near the Ohio border.

photo by Don Hargraves; up April 23, 2003

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